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Guy Alden was a seasoned Catskill player, a double-digit wonder living fast and easy within the comfortable confines of his resort environment. To his astonishment, his whole world transformed for the better when he met his love match, the captivating Mia. But through third-party deception, their "favored-by-the-gods" union was thrust into turmoil.


Double Digits, a Catskill novel, is a behind-the-scenes-handbook regarding the relationships, ranging from high passion to utter bitterness and rancor, involving the hotel management, its staff, and the guests with an in-depth depiction of the year-round-resort settling. This story relates very well to all of those folks possessing a Catskill connection who will always yearn nostalgically for their times and adventures in that never-again-to-be-duplicated Catskill culture.

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double digits

•  A Catskill Novel by Steve Zetlin  •

For me, it was my favorite time of the summer. The hectic July the Fourth crowd had just checked out, and though the rest of the summer would still be busy, it wouldn't become as wild again until Labor Day when the hotel's numbers expanded once more with families and several-hundred desperate-singles searching for romance and marriage.

And also for me, it was just another double-digit day. Scanning the pool area, while stroking my ego, I counted five-seasonal ladies, two-dining room waitresses, two-nightclub waitresses, one camp counselor, and, of course, Naomi Burns.

I really didn't want to include Naomi in my count because she had actually seduced me during my first summer, but I knew I had to continue sleeping with her since her dad was my boss, the hotel's owner, the one and only, flamboyant, Sam Burns.

Double-Digit Day
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" This Catskill novel took me back to a time in my life that I have missed so dearly! "
about the author

Steve Zetlin, a graduate of the University of Delaware, has presented an in-depth look of the inner-workings of the Catskill hotel life. Unlike most Catskill works, Steve has devoted several chapters to the year-round behind-the-scenes relationships between the management, the staff and the guests.


In popular Catskill jargon, Mr. Zetlin is a "Mountain Rat" having spent sixteen summers and three off-seasons working in seven hotels and overseeing the supervision of five major outdoor pool operations.


He has extensive knowledge of the Catskill towns, villages and the more remote hamlets. He has also dedicated this novel to all of those folks who have a Catskill connection and who undoubtedly long nostalgically for that once great, flourishing and wistful culture.

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